Tobago to host several activities in April to boost tourism sector, Know schedule

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Tobago: Tobago unveiled the schedule of events for the month of April 2024. This month is all set to offer exciting activities to all its local citizens and travellers. The main vision behind hosting these activities is to boost the tourism sector of the country and welcome large number of visitors to the island nation to explore its unparalleled beauty.

Every month, the tourism authority of Tobago conducts several activities with the motive of enhancing the country’s tourism sector. All these factors also play a pivotal role in boosting the economic conditions of the nation, leading to generating the maximum amount of revenues for the nation.

Gospel Music Concerts, Jazz Event, all these kinds of festivals are a great way of promoting the rich and diverse musical heritage of Tobago. This sporting and cultural event is also a very interactive way of encouraging youth towards cultural activities and giving them a platform to showcase their talents, abilities and techniques.

Through these activities, the tourism authority is not only attracting international visitors but also promoting the vibrant culture and traditions of the nation, due to which, Tobago is establishing its unique identity as a perfect destination spot.

The entire schedule of events for the month of April 2024 

 1st April 2024 

  •  Easter Monday Mt. Pleasant Family Day/Goat Races at Mt. Pleasant.
  • Fireside Food Festival

 2nd April 2024 

  • Buccoo Goat and Crab Races at Buccoo Integrated Facility

 6th April 2024 

  • Epicure at Comfort Inn and Suites.

 7th April 2024 

  • Bon Accord-St Francis Anglican Church Harvest at Canaan/Bon Accord

20th April 2024 

  • Gospel Steelpan Festival

 21st April 2024 

  • Goodwood Harvest Festival at Goodwood.
  • Magdalena Golf Medley at Magdalena Grand.
  • Buccoo Moravian Love Feast at Buccoo Moravian Church

 25th April 2024 

  • Jazz D 2 of Us at Beverly Oasis Suites, Lowands.

 26th April 2024 

  • Cinro Manor presents – “Come een” at Black2Sugars, Starfish Tobago

27th April 2024 

  • B2S & Starfish Tobago Presents Beachfront Jazz at The Fairways Restaurant and Lounge.
  • Fashion and Arts Festival at Shaw Park Complex.
  • Magdalena Grand – Sip and Paint Event at Magdalena Grand.

28th April 2024 

  • Fairways Restaurant Presents Brunch on the Greens at Magdalena Grand.
  • Bethesda Moravian Love Feast at Bethesda/Plymouth.
  • Charlotteville Methodist Church Harvest Festival at Charlotteville.
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