Suriname under full lockdown for coming 2 weeks

Suriname under full lockdown for coming 2 weeks
Suriname under full lockdown for coming 2 weeks

Suriname: To decrease the spread of the COVID-19 virus now the government of Suriname has announced a complete lockdown in the country for 2 weeks continuously.

The administration of Suriname has declared code Purple that indicates the worst risk level of pandemic and Code black for the same level risk in the hospitals. So keeping all these situations in mind, President of Suriname Chandrikapersad Santokhi announced the lockdown.


The head of the state said that there is significantly less validity of the oxygen, beds in the hospitals, and many more essentials for health care during this time of the pandemic. After this survey, the government announced a lockdown from Monday till June 18.

From March of last year, the total death count has reached 282 people who lost their lives due to this coronavirus, and with 78 deaths reported in this month, it has been declared the deadliest month of the pandemic. From the starting of the lockdown, the citizens will only be allowed to leave their house if they are having any medical issues. The government offices will also remain closed except for the medical infrastructure. The president also said that the laws would be enforced, and any citizen who will be found violating the COVID-19 guidelines will have to pay the heavy fines with additional penalties.


During the total lockdown, only supermarkets, bakeries, butchers, pharmacies and hardware stores are allowed to open on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. In addition, only people eighteen or older will be allowed in the store, with no more than ten people at a time.
Meanwhile, according to Minister of Health Amar Ramadhin, data shows that a mutated variant of the coronavirus from neighbouring Brazil is now also causing many young people to become infected and die.

The last few deaths that have been reported were not vaccinated, so in this case, the administration has urged the citizens to have their vaccines shots as soon as possible. As during recent times, only 13000 citizens of Suriname have been fully vaccinated. For completing further needs of vaccines so in this case, 5,00,000 doses of Oxford AstraZeneca vaccine is being given by Netherland. 1,00,000 doses of Sinopharm. In the future, Suriname can also receive vaccine from Cuba and Russia.