New restrictions in T&T, non-essential workers to work from home

Prime Minister of Trinidad and Tobago Dr Keith Rowley
Prime Minister of Trinidad and Tobago Dr Keith Rowley

Trinidad and Tobago: Prime Minister of Trinidad and Tobago Dr Keith Rowley has announced a new coronavirus related restriction in the country

Under new limitations, all non-essential workers are required to work from home, and all establishments under the previous regulations must close their operations by 8 pm daily. 


The coronavirus cases in Trinidad and Tobago are recording new highs every day, with over 299 people testing positive on Friday. The new restrictions have also ordered to halt all types of construction works.

The capacity of public transportation has also been asked to reduce to 50%, and wearing a face mask is mandatory in all public places. Not only that, gatherings have been limited to five while earlier, it was permitted to up to ten.

Besides this, the government have also said that domestic and gathering workers must remain home unless they live in the places they work at.

New restrictions announced by PM Keith Rowley

1. All non-essential employees are to work from home.

2. All establishments that remain open are to be closed by 8 pm.


3. All forms of public transportation to reduce capacity from 75% to 50%.

4. The wearing of masks in public remains mandatory.

5. Gatherings are limited to no more than 5. Businesses that remain open can operate at 50% capacity.

6. Domestic workers and gardeners are to remain at home, except in those cases where they are designated as ‘live-in’.

7. Even where operations are designated as essential, it is expected that any non-essential personnel will be allowed to work from home.

8. Membership clubs, e.g. Price Smart, will be allowed to remain open for business but for the sale of grocery items only.

9. Auto repair garages will operate on an emergency basis only.

10. All restaurants are to remain closed and are asked to refrain from operating any informal delivery service.

11. All construction services are to be halted.