6 new active cases in Dominica with no death till present

6 new active cases in Dominica with no death till present
6 new active cases in Dominica with no death till present

Health report has been released by the Ministry of Health, Wellness and New Health Investment of Dominica again got six new active cases of coronavirus.

In the report it showed that the 16662 is the total count of the persons those are tested by the medical teams, out of which 16474 have been reported negative. The total number of  confirmed COVID-19 cases have reached the number of 188 out of which 182 have been recovered successfully, which shows a good recovery rate of the island. Out of which now, 6 active cases are in Dominica. 5 patients have been quarantined by the government.

The government has investigated 976 contacts, and 976 contacts have been cleared that meant they do not have any coronavirus symptoms. Now no new contact is being investigated at present.

As of 20 May 2021, a total of 35,452 vaccine doses have been administered to Dominica. Dominica, on 6 April 2021, received 28,800 doses of COVID-19 vaccines through the COVAX Facility.

The total figure of the person who has got their first dose of vaccination is 19,634. Whereas 16,815 have been fully vaccinated in Dominica.

The government have also shared the COVID-19 Hotline (767)448-2151, (767) 448-2153, (767) 448-2156, (767) 611-4325, 1800-219 in the report.

The government of Dominica on 1 March, the first case in the country and the Caribbean, was confirmed. A 62-year-old man from Italy entered the country on 22 February and fell ill on 24 February, when he was transferred to Ramón Lara military hospital from the beach resort of Bayahibe. Second case was found when A Canadian tourist was tested positive .
Since present day no death have been reported in Dominica of a COVID-19 infected person. The recovery rate is also increasing of the infected persons.