St Kitts and Nevis: PM Terrance Drew commits to eradicate corruption
St Kitts and Nevis: PM Terrance Drew commits to eradicate corruption

St Kitts and Nevis: Prime Minister of the Federation of St Kitts and Nevis – Dr Terrance Drew, recently visited the Office of the Integrity Commission at Liverpool Row, Basseterre, St Kitts and Nevis on Wednesday. During the visit, PM toured the Office with its Chairperson, Retired High Court Judge Pearletta Lanns and other Integrity Commissioners.

Prime Minister also met with St Kitts and Nevis Integrity Commissioners. They were present to meet with the Attorney-General to discuss ideas arising from the swift implementation of the Government’s Anti-Corruption legislative agenda. According to the proposed Anti-Corruption Act, a Special Prosecutor will be appointed to investigate as well as prosecute the criminal acts of corruption throughout the Civil Service, Statutory Boards and Government-Owned Companies, subject to the constitutional powers of the Director of Public Prosecution.

The integrity in Public Life Act establishes the St Kitts Integrity Commission, which will be chaired by a retired judge or an attorney-at-law for at least fifteen years. The chairperson is appointed by the acting Governor-General, and two more persons are appointed by the Governor General after consultation with the PM and the opposition leader, respectively. According to the official statement by the government of St Kitts and Nevis, the Integrity Commission will serve for five years and must be persons of high integrity, capable of exercising competence, diligence, sound judgment and impartiality in fulfilling their duties according to the provisions of the Act.

In an interview on Freedom FM, the Prime Minister stated, “Once we start on the path of good governance, it will allow the country to unleash its full potential… We want to create that new paradigm. It takes time, but we are working quickly on it to make sure we get it right.”

He continued, “We want to create a country that is the envy of many.”

The St Kitts Integrity Commissioners are (Retired) Pearletta Lanns, Chairperson Carol Boddie and Dennis “Freddie” Knight. The Nevis Integrity Commissioners are Ricaldo Caines, Chairman of the Commission, G Sydney Newton, and Alford Tyrell. The Nevis Integrity Commissioners are appointed according to the Nevis Integrity in Public Life Ordinance.

Garth Wilkin, Attorney General, expressed, “The Freedom of Information Act, passed in 2018, will finally be operationalized to allow access to the press and public to non-confidential Government information and to protect whistle-blowers”. He said that he would meet with the Press Association on Friday 7th, October 2022, to discuss possible recommendations.