Premier Mark Brantley shares highlight about projects near completion in Nevis

Premier Mark Brantley shares highlight about projects near completion in Nevis

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St Kitts and Nevis: Premier of Nevis – Mark Brantley highlighted some of the great works done by the Concerned Citizens Movement (CCM). Through social media posts, Premier Brantley stated that the CCM government continues to invest in better infrastructure for the people of Nevis.

Mark Brantley stated that he is grateful to see that the new entrance and driveway for the Gingerland Secondary School are now completed. This paves the way for the opening of the brand new TVET centre at that school. He furthermore congratulations to Troy Liburd and his team at Education for delivering on this project.

Additionally, he visited to survey the progress on Butlers Road and informed that the work at the site is now nearing completion.

“As I drove on this road, I recall a time when our engineers and contractors were told that they could not do roads but instead must “practice learning how to drive”. They were told that when they come home from the university,” they don’t know what they are doing”. Our young people were insulted in order to justify giving all major work to a foreign company. That was the NRP in government. But today, we have the CCM in government, different leadership, confidence in our people, and putting our people first. The results speak for themselves,” he highlighted.

Further, he congratulated the representative of the area, Alexis Jeffers, who pushed hard to make this project a reality and Minister of Works Spencer Brand and his team for delivering once again for the people of Nevis.

He asserted that he is very proud of the quality of work being done by the Public Works Department and congratulated them for showing that they have what it takes to deliver quality infrastructure to the people of Nevis.

Premier Brantley’s final stop was the Metropolis of Bath Village to see progress on the road project there and to give some encouragement to the team.

“I was very impressed with the walls being done there along the main roadway as we compensate residents for any interference with their lands or boundaries. I thank the good people of Bath for their patience and assure them that they will have a high-quality main road when this is done,” he outlined.