“Scenes at HelpAWS that is both physically and emotionally draining,” quotes organisation while sharing everyday experience
“Scenes at HelpAWS that is both physically and emotionally draining,” quotes organisation while sharing everyday experience || Picture Courtesy: HelpAWS

Castries, Saint Lucia: HelpAWS – Help Animal Welfare in Saint Lucia shares a heartfelt note on social media on February 19, 2023 (Sunday). The post by the organisation mentioned, “Have you ever dreamt that you are running but at the same time frozen and not getting anywhere? That’s how we have felt this week – like we are in perpetual motion but not making any progress. There’s so much that happens behind the scenes at HelpAWS that is both physically and emotionally draining.”

According to the social media post, the organisation shares videos and stories of pups that come into the shelter; then again, once they get through quarantine and move to the healthy side where they are playful and happy, the shelter doesn’t expose those outside the shelter to images of pups who don’t survive quarantine despite us working round the clock to save them.


It further acclaimed, “We don’t show you the messages we get from people threatening us to take puppies or that they will be dumped or otherwise disposed of. We don’t post videos or photos of animals that are gruesomely maimed, suffering, and dying, and we don’t publicly vent about the absurdity of the arguments we’ve had while standing at the airline check-in and being told a puppy who is booked to fly, cannot and are turned away, leaving their adopters heartbroken.”

In addition to this, it highlighted that the organisation might not share all of this, but it faces these challenges daily, and sometimes it overwhelms the volunteers associated with the organisation. “We’ve taken in 12 puppies over the past three days, including these three sweethearts joining us. They are in far better condition than others that have come through our doors. The woman who owns their mama has been caring for them and has agreed to allow us to help her get mama spayed; this at least will put an end to this momma’s continuing cycle of births and her losing her babies or seeing them pass away right before her eyes, and it will stop the demand for us to pick up the pieces,” the post read, adding, “These babies will join the other nine newbies in quarantine as we monitor their health over the next few weeks. Your generosity, support, and love get us through the hard days. Knowing we have a vast extended family gives us the strength and motivation we need to persevere on days when we feel completely depleted. It is because of you we are able to continue this vital work. Your encouragement shores us up emotionally, and your monetary contributions ensure we can keep the shelter doors open for all of these animals in need, and we are forever grateful!”

Earlier, the HelpAWS appealed to dog lovers living in New York. “We are in DESPERATE need of fosters in New York or the surrounding area starting on February 26. As our shelter continues to fill up, we cannot keep helping the many more that need us when we have no place for the current pups to go,” HelpAWS stated while inviting people for adoption and assistance.

The organisation outlined that it asks individuals to share this post on all socials. The more visibility it gets, the more chance it will have of sending some deserving puppies off the island and to their forever homes.