Sandals Resorts International offered complimentary vacations to 100 Olympians in region

Sandals Resorts International offered complimentary vacations to 100 Olympians in region

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Sandals Resorts International offered complimentary vacations as a reward for the efforts made by the 100 Olympians from the island of Jamaica. The rewards have been announced by the Executive Chairman of Sandals Resorts International as an honour for the energetic performance in Tokyo Olympics 2020.

According to the statement by the Executive Chairman, the medalists would be getting limitless night stay in any Sandals or beach resort in the region while choosing any highest room category to stay. Along with this, they might get transportation from their house to the resort in BMW with their choice, if available.

There will be four-night luxurious holidays at Sandal Resort on their home island for those athletes also who represented Jamaica in any event in Tokyo Olympics 2020. As St Vincent is still closed, those who planned to spend their holidays in St Vincent can spend their holidays on the island of St Lucia.

Stewart, while commenting on the teams’ outstanding achievements in getting to the Olympics and standing on the podium, Stewart said, “It takes a great amount of sacrifice, hard work, dedication and consistency to even make it to the Olympics. Our Caribbean athletes have shown admirable grit, tenacity and a fighting spirit, and as a Caribbean brand entirely committed to the development of the region and showcasing our regional talent, we are beyond proud of every single athlete who went out there to represent their country.”

The competitors would be getting complimentary accommodations. Their efforts should also get recognition, accomplishments, and perseverance during an Olympics marred by delays and uncertainty due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Stewart concluded that the games and the performances their athletes delivered were essential to lift the collective spirits of the people of their region. They could never thank their athletes enough for everything they did for their countries, and the people of their countries cannot express enough what that means to all of them. Still, Stewart and his teams would ensure that the athletes have the best vacation experience of their lives when they redeem their well-earned prizes.