Hansle Parchment wins gold in 110 m hurdles for Jamaica

Hansle Parchment wins gold in 110 m hurdles for Jamaica

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While performing with great enthusiasm at Tokyo Olympics 2021,  Jamaican hurdler in 110 meters race bagged a Gold medal. Hansle Parchment won this medal while being ahead of his favourite player from America, Grant Holloway. He won the gold medal during his event on August 4th, 2021

American hurdler Grant Holloway was ahead while he was on the field. But at the last hurdle, he faded. During that time span, Jamaican Parchment managed to secure his position in the race and won Gold.

During this event, Parchment secured a gold medal after he clocked the best time of 13.04 seconds in his career of 110 meter hurdles. In second position Holloway from the USA bagged a silver medal with a timing of 13.10 seconds. One more Jamaican athlete Ronald Levy, in the same event, bagged a Bronze medal while being in the third position.

This Gold has been the first medal that any individual Jamaican men sprinter secured at the Tokyo Olympics 2021.

Hansle Parchment, while talking after winning, said that he had a lot of fun while competing against his favourite athlete, Grant from the USA. It was an excellent opportunity to get three rounds with him. He feels lucky to see his crazy start. He added that sometimes Grant was so fast that it looks like he was already at the third hurdle when Parchment was just at number one. Parchment went back and thought about his start, what he needs to do, and he told himself that if he could get a little closer in the first half, Parchment could catch him toward the end. And he just did that he maintained his composure, and he ran through the line.

The 31-year-old has had success on the global stage before. He was the 2012 London Olympics bronze medalist and the 2015 World Championships silver medalist. But the last several years, he’s been derailed by injuries — including this year.