Saint Lucia Police to increase surveillance, aims to stamp out illegal firearms  

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The Saint Lucia Police Force is working consistently to enhance security in Saint Lucia to combat the problem of illegal weapons being imported into the country. The police officials expressed their commitment to work diligently to provide a secure environment to all its citizens. 

As per reports, the investigating officers are recovering high-calibre firearms from different places in the country that can cause death and destruction immediately to anyone. 

The majority of the guns seized during the anti-crime exercises were smuggled into Saint Lucia, which forced the officers to implement strict laws against such criminal activities. 

The nation is currently experiencing a challenge such as illegal trading in small arms, light weapons and ammunition, which pose a great threat to the security, integrity, stability and development of the island nation and its sister islands. 

The authorities are increasing its surveillance to stamp out the smuggling of firearms. The police department further added that they are running short of manpower and required equipment to monitor the situations at the borders. 

Noting this, the government ensures the availability of the resources as soon as possible and they are working diligently to strengthen the security system of the country. They are aware of the fact that insufficient resources, technology and coordination would create obstacles in the border management. 

The gun violence in the country is directly attributed to the surge of illegal firearms entering the country. The government is looking forward to investing in surveillance equipment, biometric systems and scanners at border crossings. 

To combat the rise of criminal activities in the nation, the Saint Lucia Police Force participated in a High Value Target workshop, which focused to enhance the skills of the police officials in identifying the targets by using advanced methodologies. 

The participants received an opportunity to equip themselves with the tools and enhance their knowledge regarding the maintenance of public safety. 

The police commissioner, Cruscita Descartes-Pelius recently issued a statement that they are working to combat the increase in Homicides. The investigating officers increased their anti-crime exercises and detention rates along with preventative measures. 

They are conducting the exercises through collaboration with various stakeholders. Many operations have been conducted in several communities, resulting in the arrest of many suspects. 

The Prime Minister Philip J Pierre and Deputy Prime Minister, Ernest Hilaire urged zero tolerance for all the criminal activities in Saint Lucia. 

Ana Allen
Ana Allen
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