Saint Lucia: PM Pierre addresses opening ceremony of 43rd CARICOM meet at Suriname
Saint Lucia: PM Pierre addresses opening ceremony of 43rd CARICOM meet at Suriname

Saint Lucia: Prime Minister Philip J Pierre gave a speech at the Opening Ceremony of the 43rd Regular Meeting of the Conference of Heads of Authorities of the Caribbean Community (CARICOM). He vocalized that when he was elected as Prime Minister of Saint Lucia, he promised everyone to be transparent in his work and to be a listener as well as to be democratic.

Moreover, he mentioned that he would practice the principles of Servant Leadership as much extent as he could.


He committed that he would be guided by the principles of humility, transparency, accountability, inclusiveness and fairness to all and to put the development of people above everything else. He promised to use his best efforts to eliminate corruption at all levels. He also addressed his colleagues that it is for his domestic political life in Saint Lucia, so he believes that it should be for CARICOM.

“As we will strengthen their democracy after forty to sixty years of independence, hence we must promise ourselves to the principles of good governance, constitutional reform, transparency and accountability, and let them strive to make this region the freest, most democratic and best-governed part of the universe, all in the best interest of the individuals of the region we have been called to serve,” stated PM Pierre.

Citizens are really impressed by the work of PM Pierre, and they believe that Phillip J Pierre is the best leader and Saint Lucia is in safe hands. As per the people of the country, the governance is excellent, and as he works with transparency, people believe that he is the one who will put the development of the nation as well as the development of the individuals as his first priority.

In the end, Phillip J Pierre said that his government is doing its best to make the nation corruption free and a good place to live in.