Prime Minister Philip J. Pierre assumes Chairmanship of ECCB Monetary Council
Prime Minister Philip J. Pierre assumes Chairmanship of ECCB Monetary Council
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Saint Lucia: At a recent press conference with the Commissioner of Police, Milton Desir, Philip J Pierre pledged that they will support to provide the Royal Saint Lucia Police Force with the resources needed to design and execute operations in order to arrest this crime scourge that the country has been experiencing for the past years. With the passage of time, crime rate is increasing at an alarming rate and it is crucial to stop that.

Therefore government is adopting a systematic approach to rebuilding confidence in the security apparatus and citizen safety. The success of that approach will be achieved through the use of established law enforcement channels, as well as through citizen participation, use of innovative techniques and technologies for information gathering, and intelligence-based policing.


There are a lot of alarming reports of crime and hence citizens are feeling unsafe due to the increasing crimes. Police are taking immediate measures to stop the crimes and violence in the country and according to the police officer, the gun violence is on peaks in the country and they are collaborating with the social groups that are non-government groups to stop it and to control the whole situation. For this they are going to increase patrolling by bicycles that was never done before.

According to Prime Minister, crime is increasing throughout the region and he said that there are several murders that happened in recent times and his government is working and supporting the police force to handle the whole situation. Additionally he told that they need to find the reason behind the crimes and he feels that situation is not good. Ultimately they are going to ask for the help too from the RSS troops.

Police commissioner also told about the introducing anti-gun units to dismantle the existing and examine the location from where the guns are illegal coming. He further promised that they are going to destroy the whole network of the guns and will definitely going to break the chain of illegal smuggling of guns. “It will take time and it is not a work of one day,” he highlighted.