Saint Lucia Olympic Committee provides financial assistance of worth EC $24,900

Saint Lucia Olympic Committee provides financial assistance of worth EC $24,900

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Castries, Saint Lucia: The Saint Lucia Olympic Committee (SLOC) Inc., on September 12, 2023 (Tuesday), announced assistance totalling EC $24,900.00 to four members, bringing its total assistance for the year so far to over EC $2.5 million.

According to the official update, this amount includes assistance to participate in various international Games.

Treasurer of the Saint Lucia Athletic Association (SLAA), Cornelius Breen, received a cheque for EC $5,000.00, an administrative grant from SLOC Inc. President Alfred Emmanuel. The Saint Lucia Aquatics Federation (SLAF), represented by Paula James, received an amount of EC $6,000.00 for their participation at the recently held FINA World Junior Championship in Israel.

Receiving funding was the Saint Lucia Table Tennis Association. SLOC Inc. has also paid airfare, totalling $4,400.00, to assist D’Andre Calderon in returning to Europe (Germany) for a three-month training stint.

To be highlighted, the SLOC Inc. is also assisting the Saint Lucia Amateur Bodybuilding and Bodyfitness Association’s (SLBBA) participation of two of its members at the 50th CAC Bodybuilding Championship in Aruba from September 22. The cheque for EC$9,500.00 was received by President Jacqueline Trim.

“Athletes will have to earn their rights as a natural qualifier to be in Paris next year, and that is why, as an organization, we have adopted those measures for the next ten months going forward. We have had different Games ahead of Paris: the Commonwealth Games, CAC Games, Commonwealth Youth Games, the Caribbean Games, and not too long from now, the Pan American Games. There were lots of opportunities for persons to work towards Paris 2024,” SLOC Inc. President Alfred Emmanuel stated.

It is believed that this donation will help the country and its sports ministry to assist the athletes to train well and represent the nation at the international level.

This donation was lauded by many Saint Lucians. Some even thanked the government of Saint Lucia, along with the Ministry of Sports, for their continuous and tireless efforts towards the upliftment and development of the sports sector.