Saint Lucia: HelpAWS welcomes people from New York, Canada to become travel parents of furbabies

Saint Lucia: HelpAWS welcomes people from New York, Canada to become travel parents of furbabies

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Castries, Saint Lucia: HelpAWS, the animal welfare organisation of Castries, has been asking the people residing in New York and Canada to come forward and become travel parents. While welcoming the people, the organisation stated, “Hey, New York, Boston, Ohio and Toronto! Yes, we’re talking to you!”

It furthermore outlined that not only is the organisation looking for travellers flying from Saint Lucia to the above cities, but they are also looking for travellers flying from New York to Toronto!

“We have adoptive families in your area eagerly awaiting their new furbaby’s arrival, and we are looking for flight parents to help us get them there. This is where YOU come in! If you or someone you know will be travelling to St Lucia shortly, we’re hoping you’ll be willing to take a fluffy little piece of St Lucia back with you on your return flight,” it added.

The message by the organisation further read, “Being a flight parent is super easy and, we are told, exceptionally rewarding! All you have to do is DM us using FB or Instagram, or reach out to and let us know the traveller’s full name, address, email address and phone number, along with the reservation number, airline, and the date you are flying home. One of our volunteers will then connect with you to explain the easy process and answer any questions you may have.”

It also stated that the organisation also handle everything, including adding the pup to the reservation, and, of course, covers any costs associated with travelling with the furry friend. On the flight date, HelpAWS delivers the precious cargo to the travel parent at the airport in a soft-sided kennel, which they’ll carry onto the flight; it will be like a personal item, but the travel parent will still be able to have a carry-on. “You can safely tuck them under the seat in front of you, and they may be asleep the entire flight. The ideal travel pal! Upon arrival, you’ll be met at the airport of your final destination by a grateful adopter!” it said.

In addition to this, it stated that “Our pups are world-class travellers that pretty much sleep through the entire flight, and past flight parents have raved about how easy the process is and how good their “special cargo” has been during the flight.”

While welcoming the people to the beautiful land of Saint Lucia, HelpAWS stated, “We’re happy to share our beautiful island, cool waters and warm sunshine with you, and we hope you enjoy your visit. All we ask is that you help us give a sweet, deserving pup a lift on your way home!”