HelpAWS introduces four furbabies and highlights animal cruelty in Castries, Saint Lucia
Picture Courtesy: HelpAWS facebook

Castries, Saint Lucia: The animal welfare organisation and the dog shelter in Castries, Saint Lucia, introduced four little furbabies who joined the organisation on January 13, 2023. While introducing the pups, he highlighted animal cruelty in the nation. It stated that the organisation often talks of the cruelty animals face here in Saint Lucia, but there are also many people here who have compassion for the animals that roam the streets, hide under buildings or piles of rubbish, or wander aimlessly looking for food and shelter.

While telling about four new puppies, it stated, “These four little chunky pups came into the shelter today from the north of the island. Born to a feral momma who roams far and wide, the pups were lucky enough to be looked after by a lovely woman who has done her best to care for them and keep them safe.”


“Sadly, she is in not in the best of health, and unfortunately, a man recently showed up threatening the pups and saying he was going to take them away. We don’t know exactly what “away” means – it could be that he wants to give them away, sell them, or keep them himself. But based on our experience, it is more than likely he has a more sinister motive in mind,” the post by the animal welfare organisation told.

It further informed that out of fear for the safety of the pups and herself, the woman reached out for help, and through our network on the island, they were contacted and asked to take them. “This perfect little gaggle of wiggle butts consists of two boys and two girls. They appear to be in fairly good health, although, as usual, covered in fleas and ticks. They definitely look like they’ve not missed too many meals, thank goodness! All four have the sweetest eyes and are curious about their new surroundings. We are so happy they are now here with us and have left a life of uncertainty behind. We hope you will follow along on their journey to happily ever after!” it added.

It also informed about the donation methods. It said, “Every puppy or kitten we take in increases our already high operating costs. If you would like to contribute toward the cost of care for these four sweethearts and help us continue our vital work here in St. Lucia, donations can be sent via e-transfer, PayPal or Zelle to or to @helpaws using Venmo. We truly appreciate the support!”