Saint Lucia: HelpAWS shares story of two pups
Saint Lucia: HelpAWS shares story of two pups

Saint Lucia: Castries-based animal welfare organisation, HelpAWS, has recently shared update about the two pups tied in a sack and stuffed in his car’s trunk. While sharing the story, the organisation mentioned that when you think about what you store or transport in the closed trunk of your car: Groceries, boxes, and sports equipment, come to mind. Live animals? NO!

It added that this would never be okay anywhere in the world, but it’s even more horrible here, where the roads are winding, and the weather is hot and humid. These puppies must have been so afraid & uncomfortable the entire way: Hot, with no fresh air to breathe, in a dark place, and completely confused by what was happening to them. It’s a wonder they didn’t suffocate.

“The guys were so terrified when we received them that one defecated out of sheer fear while being held by one of our team members. They were shaking in fear, not knowing what was happening to them. Not to mention being covered in ticks and fleas. We are so thankful we now have these darlings in our care, and we will ensure they are never again faced with abject cruelty,” it added.

Furthermore, it stated that when the organisation share these stories, they have to be ever conscious of what they write and hope not to offend anyone. But the truth is, sometimes the organisation’s volunteers get SO angry and hurt that any living soul could be treated with such callous disregard and upset that they continue to witness these atrocities day after day, regardless of how hard we work to help.

“These two babies are going to need so much love to help get them through the fear they’ve become accustomed to, and we’re here for the long haul to love them and show them human kindness and compassion. It’s what each of us deserves and what too many never receive,” it added.

While informing about the donation methods, HelpAWS stated, “If you want to help make a difference in these poor babies’ lives, please consider donating to using e-transfer, PayPal, or Zelle or to @donate using Venmo. We (and these babies) appreciate your support.”