Saint Lucia: HelpAWS shares story of pup, who joined organisation a year ago
Saint Lucia: HelpAWS shares story of pup, who joined organisation a year ago || Picture Courtesy: HelpAWS
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Castries, Saint Lucia: HelpAWS, the animal welfare organisation of Castries, shared a story of a pup who met them a year ago. The organisation, while sharing the story, mentioned that a year ago, on January 24, 2023, the organisation got a call about an injured dog on the back roads of a local hotel that wouldn’t let anyone approach him.

“It was already dark when the call came in, but I needed to try to find him. It broke my heart to think about him out there, injured & in the middle of nowhere with rain in the forecast,” the post by the organisation read.

It added that as the volunteer drove down the pitch-black road, the headlights shined on the broken soul lying in the dirt. She cautiously approached him with the light on my phone to guide her, but he hobbled into the thick brush cover in a ditch. Speaking softly to reassure him, she crawled into the brush with him.

It also informed, “He was too ill and injured to go any further. The poor little guy had been attacked by a pack of other stray dogs, with gaping wounds all over his body that smelled of infected, rotting flesh. With nothing else available, I took off my shirt and wrapped it around him, so I could carry him back to the car and get him to the shelter.”

While informing about his medical condition, the organisation stated, “Once there, we started him on fluids, pain meds & antibiotics and gently went about cleaning more than 15 awful wounds, making him as comfortable as possible until we could get him to the vet in the morning. Sir spent several days at the vet. On top of all the wounds, he tested positive for heartworm & multiple tick diseases, including Ehrlichia & Anaplasmosis. He also had a UTI, severely damaged teeth, & a multifocal-resistant skin infection.”

It added, “He went days without eating, many of which we thought would be his last. The vet discussed Euthanasia, but something was telling me to bring him back to the shelter & try to build trust. Slowly he started taking food and, day by day, found his will to live.”

In conclusion, the organisation stated that as soon as he was strong enough, the organisation sent Sir to Canada to continue his heartworm treatment. Since then, this handsome fighter has continued to improve & has been living the best life with his amazing forever family! He is the happiest, sweetest, most loving & grateful boy who deserves his happily ever after. He has come such a long way, as well as the hearts in the organisation are forever grateful to everyone who donated to help the organisation cover his medical bills and cost of care and have followed his journey, cheering him on!