Saint Lucia: HelpAWS introduces fun, loving and hunk dog – Buster

Saint Lucia: HelpAWS introduces fun, loving and hunk dog – Buster

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Saint Lucia: The animal welfare organisation of Castries, HelpAWS, introduced a fun loving, hunk Buster, who was welcomed by the family this week. The organisation also shared its experience about adopting an adult dog.

HelpAWS stated, “They are past the puppy chewing stage; they are typically house-trained, possibly even crate-trained. Most of all, though, they are the most grateful, appreciative, loyal fur friend because they have either loved and lost their human or have been waiting so long for their person to find them. This brings us to this adorable hunk, Buster, who has been waiting and waiting for his happily ever.”

“Buster joined the HelpAWS family in the year 2021 after a man drove up to our animal shelter in Saint Lucia and threw him out of the vehicle, and ran away, leaving Buster to chase behind, completely confused. But one look in this boy’s eyes and we were smitten!” the post further stated.

According to latest update by the dog shelter, all Buster wants to do is play and love his human. He’s had some professional training, and he would be a great working dog or pal to someone whose life is outdoorsy & active. He’s treat/toy motivated and quickly learned to heel pivot, centre, sit, stay, and wait. He’s also crate & leash trained.

HelpAWS informed that Buster is just over three years old and is fully grown. He is a big boy with a charming personality, but he is such an amazing dog, and he would love nothing more than to have an active human best friend. Like any young dog, Buster needs exercise and stimulation to be healthy and happy and would not do well in a home where he is left alone and/or kennelled for hours on end.

Buster is currently in the Greater Toronto Area, and we are happy to arrange “meet and greets” for interested parties who are approved to adopt! Warning, though, he will steal your heart!!

“To learn more about Buster, drop us a DM, send an email to, or go to to complete an adoption application,” HelpAWS informed while stating about the donation options.