Saint Lucia Jazz & Arts Festival to launched this week, says Deputy PM Ernest Hilaire
Saint Lucia Jazz & Arts Festival to launched this week, says Deputy PM Ernest Hilaire || Picture Courtesy: Ernest Hilaire's FB

Castries, Saint Lucia: Deputy Prime Minister and the Tourism, Investment, Creative Industries, Culture and Information Minister of Saint Lucia, Ernest Hilaire, addressed several areas during a press briefing on the morning of January 2023 (Monday). While interacting with the media personnel, he hinted that the country would see the launch of the Saint Lucia Jazz & Arts Festival.

Deputy Prime Minister Hilaire said, “We are gearing up for another exciting week. During the beginning of the week, I addressed various areas in my press briefing this morning. It is hoped that this week indeed will be an amazing one as we see the launch of the revamped Saint Lucia Jazz & Arts Festival.”

Further, he stated that the arts component would be a critical part of the festival, along with all of the other creatives that will get a chance to showcase their talents on an international stage.

Along with this, he proudly recalled the inaugural call of the largest cruise ship, Arvia, to the shores of the beautiful Caribbean country of Saint Lucia. Minister of Tourism Ernest Hilaire outlined, “We also reflected on the successes of the last week with the inaugural call of Arvia, the large cruise ship (in terms of passenger capacity). Thousands of visitors disembarked as well as visited sites across the island country and walked the streets of Castries.”

While anticipating a better and more exciting year, Hilaire noted that he looks forward to this week as it will be a more exciting one!”

The minister also claimed that no matter when an individual visit Saint Lucia, he/ she will indeed find a festival to enjoy. From the vibrant street parties of Carnival to the traditional celebrations of Soufriere, the island is truly a paradise of festivals.

Saint Lucia is a land of festivals, with an array of lively celebrations throughout the year. From the annual Saint Lucia Jazz Festival to the popular Saint Lucia Carnival, the country is a paradise for those looking to experience the best of Caribbean festivities. The Saint Lucia Jazz Festival is the island’s most popular annual event; the festival brings together top international acts alongside local artists for a week of world-class jazz performances. The festival also includes a free street party, a wide variety of food stalls, and a vibrant cultural bazaar.