Saint Lucia: HelpAWS shares heartbreaking story of Aki, the new pup

Saint Lucia: HelpAWS shares heartbreaking story of Aki, the new pup

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Castries, Saint Lucia: Castries-based animal welfare organisation, HelpAWS, has shared a story of one of their pup named Aki. It noted, “At our shelter, we get so many rescues that come through our doors, but we can never predict what condition they will come to us in.”

HelpAWS stated that this was the case with the alumni, Aki, who some of you may remember. His back story was absolutely heartbreaking; he had been dropped off at our shelter after being hit by a car and left for dead.

“If that wasn’t hard enough, he had also sustained major injuries: a swollen face and a broken foot that he dragged around, barely able to lift up. Despite his rough start, he was so sweet and had such a bright soul. Over his days at the shelter, we were unsure of what would happen to him. His face was getting more swollen, and after X-Rays, it was clear that his one leg would have to be amputated,” it noted.

HelpAWS added, “Fortunately, during our spay and neuter clinic, one of our veterinarians was able to complete his amputation, which was the first step in his long journey to his forever home.”

It also noted that after having to drag his leg around for so long, once it was removed, it sent Aki into somewhat of a depression. He stopped eating, and his inner light grew dim. After his surgery, Aki’s incision became very swollen. Unfortunately, he had developed an infection.

HelpAWS added, “We were determined to help him fight through his sadness, and over time, our little superhero, Aki, got better, and his confidence grew. Finally, the volunteers of the organisation were able to fly him out to Canada for further treatment, where he was eventually adopted by his forever hoomans!”

It added, “None of Aki’s care would’ve been possible if it wasn’t for all of our amazing followers and donations, and we can’t begin to thank you enough! We also would like to thank Aki’s forever family; you made it possible for Aki to have the life he deserves. Although we see so many babies come through our door, we are so fortunate to have such an amazing community. A big shoutout to our little fighter, Aki; you are the real hero through all of this. You fought hard and are now living the life you deserve with your fellow tripod sibling!”

Further, the dog shelter mentioned that if one would like to help contribute to the care and well-being of all its babies in care and future ones, then please consider donating via Etransfer, Paypal or Zelle to or via Venmo to @helpaws.