“Our pup Gnarly is finally happy in his forever family,” shares Castries-based HelpAWS
“Our pup Gnarly is finally happy in his forever family,” shares Castries-based HelpAWS || Picture Courtesy: HelpAWS (Facebook)

Castries, Saint Lucia: HelpAWS, local dog shelter of Saint Lucia, has recently took social media an old pup Gnarly as Dobby has entered the organisation with his sister. As per the update, Dobby and his sister were found on the streets in the south of the island. They were basically hairless, their skin covered in mange and sores all over.

HelpAWS shared their condition and mentioned that they were extremely itchy and uncomfortable and not to mention terrified. We plucked them off of the streets and put them into the car, and headed to the shelter. Their scabs and dry skin were left all over the blankets they were wrapped in. We immediately began treatment- frequent sulphuric baths and medication to make sure these siblings felt better.

Further, it asserted that after several weeks their hair finally began to come in, and with that, their confidence grew. It wasn’t an easy road for them, especially Gnarly. After going through so much in such a short time, he finally became available for adoption. But even with all of what he had been through, no one was the least bit interested in adopting this sweet boy.

The organisation also added that finally, they got him to Canada where he continued to grow and show what an intelligent boy he truly was. He quickly learned new tricks thanks to lots of love and treats from his foster family.

“This little one has now finally found his forever home and is living his best life. We’re so happy he found someone who loves him despite what he looked like and where he came from. He is thriving and we couldn’t ask for a better family for him,” HelpAWS added.

In the end, it expressed pride and stated that Gnarly is just one of their many success stories, who proves with a little light and love that everything can turn out ok.