Saint Lucia: HelpAWS shares health update of little pup Gracie, who lost its leg in accident
Saint Lucia: HelpAWS shares health update of little pup Gracie, who lost its leg in accident || Picture Courtesy: HelpAWS Facebook
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Castries, Saint Lucia: A regional dog adoption organisation, HelpAWS, has shared an update regarding Gracie, a little puppy who was welcomed into the organisation after losing a leg in an accident.

The organisation informed that Gracie was brought to the shelter after she was hit by a car and left injured on the road. From the beginning, she did not put any weight on her right front leg, keeping it tucked up as she made her way around on the other three paws. Assuming there was a fracture of some kind, we quickly sent her to Canada to be evaluated by the veterinary team of HelpAWS at Guelph Animal Hospital.

“Today she had her second appointment, this one with her surgeon, and we learned that Gracie has an issue affecting the muscles in the shoulder, making it impossible for her to extend the leg to walk on fully,” it stated while outlining about the latest health update of the pup.

The health update further stated, “The nerves in that area have also been damaged, meaning even with rehab, functionality would never return, and she could suffer from phantom limb pain. The best route to ensure Gracie has a wonderful life is to amputate the leg at the shoulder.”

The post further said that several puppies have come to the organisation with various injuries that required amputation, and each of them is now living an amazing, active life with their forever family. The three-legged furry friends do great and go on to live wonderful active lives, and Gracie is expected to be the exact same.

Additionally, it stated, “This sweet, spunky puppy is not disabled in any way, but she is unique and special, and her worth is certainly equal to any pup with four legs! She has been in Canada with her foster family and Helpaws Potcake friend for the past month. She gets around great and is a typical happy little darling who spends her days playing, running, snoozing, and being loved.”

“Our rescue will be covering the cost of her surgery and recovery; if you would like to help, please consider donating via transfer PayPal or Zelle to or via Venmo to @helpaws! Surgery is only part of what Gracie needs in order to live a full life. Although she has been available for adoption for weeks, she’s yet to find her person. She so deserves to be a cherished member of a family who sees her value, no matter how many legs she has. This gorgeous (inside and out) girl is ready for her forever family,” it added while informing people about the donation process.