Saint Lucia: HelpAWS shares a playful day, know deets!
Saint Lucia: HelpAWS shares a playful day, know deets! || Picture Courtesy: HelpAWS Facebook
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Castries, Saint Lucia: HelpAWS, the Castries-based dog shelter, shared an update on a playful day spent in the organisation. While informing about the day, the organisation noted, “It’s Super Bowl time, and the pups here at the shelter are ready, set, and hike! Kelsey, Lucy & Grover keep slipping through the defensive line & onto the opposing team’s turf, though. Looks like we may have to call an audible to get this team back on track!”

It further informed that the team huddles up with the Chief calling the play. Boy, these HelpAWS pups are fired up! Back at the line, the snap is good and whoa! The organisation has got ourselves a blitz, folks. Chief better get rid of that ball before he gets sacked!

Additionally, it mentioned that, but Chief is a gunslinger – he’s thrown a bomb! Geronimo is downfield, but he’s deep undercover. Oh! He pulls a juke & slips away from the defence just in time to make the catch. He’s going, going, GONE to the endzone! HelpAWS has scored!

It also stated that Islay was on the field to kick for the extra point. He hasn’t missed the point this whole season. The ball is set & the kick is good! HelpAWS leads 7-0!

It added that the defence is on the field now, & it looks like Miss Lucy, Monica & Rachel are exchanging barks with the opposing team’s offence. Keep it classy, ladies! There’s the snap, & their quarterback drops back for the throw, but OHH, he’s sacked by Buster -That’s gonna leave a mark!

“Wait, the ball is loose. We have a fumble on the field. Everyone’s scrambling, but who will come up with it? It’s Herbie…Herbie has the ball & he’s heading for the end zone. He’s a big boy; it’s gonna take a lot to take him down. Did you see that? That’s called the Potcake Stiffarm & Herbie just used it to toss that linebacker to the sideline. Will he make it? Yes! Herbie scores!” it mentioned.

Furthermore, it outlined that the score is 14-0 going into half-time & we cannot think of a more suitable way to spend the day than watching these puppies show the world their worth! They’ve come from incredibly harsh circumstances, but, as you can see, that doesn’t define them! These guys (and gals) are fighters, determined to come out on top & celebrate the big “W”!

“The only thing better than a win on the field would be for each of them to have their very own family to sit & watch next year’s Super Bowl with. Is that you? Go to today to complete an adoption application & we will help you choose your own MVP!” HelpAWS concluded.