Know more about HelpAWS, a Castries-based dog shelter
Know more about HelpAWS, a Castries-based dog shelter

Castries, Saint Lucia: Helpaws – Help Animal Welfare in Saint Lucia introduced itself to its new followers and family members. The organisation took social media the organisation mentioned that “We recently acquired some new followers, and we want YOU to know who HelpAWS is!”

According to the organisation, HelpAWS is a registered 501c3, a non-profit organisation specialising in the rescue, adoption and high-volume spay and neutering of animals in Saint Lucia. And if you’ve been here awhile, you know we consider every animal has the right to be healthy, happy and free from abuse, neglect and cruelty. The animal welfare organisation was founded in 2013 by Canadian Charlene Troubetzkoy after visiting the island and seeing first-hand the devastating conditions in which animals exist. Our permanent shelter opened in 2021 and is the foremost of its kind in the island country.


It further informed that animal overpopulation is a serious issue in Saint Lucia, resulting in many animals being born into horrendous circumstances, unwanted and uncared for, and fighting to survive every day of their lives. Our primary mission is to rescue, rehabilitate and find families for our animals forever throughout the US and Canada. To counteract the ever-growing population of unwanted animals, we also facilitate free high-volume spay and neuter clinics for local residents who otherwise could not afford to have their animals altered, as well as sterilise stray animals. We know the foundation for a better tomorrow is through education – which takes us into local classrooms to teach the next generation how to properly care for animals.

“The best part of our work is getting to see our adorable animals make their way to safe, loving homes. Since 2013, we have found homes forever for nearly 3,000 dogs and cats and have spayed/neutered more than 4,500 animals. Sadly, the reality is that it will take decades to make lasting change, and we continue to rescue several dozen animals in need each week,” it conveyed.

It added that HelpAWS does not receive any government or local funding. They rely solely on donations from followers to continue their vital work. Social media and word of mouth are the best (and only) means of advertising. “As people share our posts and our following grows, so does our ability to facilitate great change and save more lives!” HelpAWS outlined.

While concluding their message, HelpAWS appealed to the public to make the appropriate donation. “Please help us help these deserving animals by sharing our posts and by donating to using e-transfer, PayPal or Zelle or to @helpaws using Venmo. To learn more about HelpAWS and see animals that are available for adoption, go to,” the organisation noted.