Saint Lucia: HelpAWS asks for donations from locals and people in abroad
Saint Lucia: HelpAWS asks for donations from locals and people in abroad

Castries, Saint Lucia: The dog shelter of Castries, HelpAWS has shared their “terrifying experience” through the social media post. The animal welfare organisation stated that they are worried. More so than organisation’s usual worry. In fact, the volunteers of the organisation are a little terrified to tell the truth.

“We currently have several “special needs” animals in our care here at the shelter and with foster or forever families in Canada, each with their own unique needs, each with their own unique circumstances, which led them where they are now. These animals came to us with severe injuries or showcased an illness while in our care which remained dormant until they started receiving proper care. As such, we have a responsibility to make sure they get the medical attention and care they need to be able to live happy, healthy, pain-free lives,” the organisation mentioned.

As per the organisation, this responsibility comes at an enormous cost, expenses organisation doesn’t have the funds for and aren’t sure how they are going to cover.

The post further introduced four puppies Gracie, Noah, Cheespuff, Kashmir, Floki. Just to name a few sweet little souls who are counting on the organisation to ensure they have the best chance possible at a better life.

The organisation further added that they didn’t choose this life for themselves and had them; it definitely wouldn’t be one where they would suffer. The organisation knows they ask for the help all the time. HelpAWS also know they couldn’t do what they do without that help, day in and day out, running the shelter and rescuing so many animals in need.

“But the simple truth is the donations we receive barely cover our day-to-day operations, and sometimes not even that. We ended January with $6,000 in the hole, and we are facing tens of thousands of dollars in vet bills for special treatment for the above-mentioned animals. Being that we are solely funded by individual donations, we aren’t sure where to turn other than back to you,” the organisation stated.

While asking for the donation, HelpAWS noted, “Please donate to fulfil these special needs, amazing animals. Every single dollar counts and no donation is too small. As mentioned previously, if every one of our 40,000 followers donated just $1, imagine all the good we could do! Donations can be sent to using e-transfer, PayPal or Zelle or to @helpaws using Venmo. If one is working for a company that has a giving program like Benevity, PLEASE reach out to us at or DM us to discuss how you can set up a fundraiser to benefit HelpAWS. We need you.”