Saint Lucia: HelpAWS asks people to adopt Buster, little pup welcomed in 2021
Saint Lucia: HelpAWS asks people to adopt Buster, little pup welcomed in 2021

Castries, Saint Lucia: The dog shelter organisation, HelpAWS, introduced a smart, fun, active, loves running, playing, handsome, fit, strong and loyal, seeking a partner with similar attributes for companionship and lifelong commitment pup.

The post by the organisation noted that if this were a dating site, tons of humans would be swiping left right now. Sadly, it hasn’t quite worked out that way for our three-year-old Buster boy. After it did not work out in his previous relationship and his return to our care, we have been trying to find a forever home for Buster or even a foster home, and yet he is still waiting for his person to find him and sweep him off his feet. All four of them!

It furthermore informed about a little pup who was welcomed to the organisation in the year 2021. It stated, “Buster joined the HelpAWS family in 2021 after a man drove up to the shelter, threw him out of the van, and sped away, leaving Buster to chase behind, completely confused. One look in this boy’s eyes and we were smitten!”

HelpAWs further introduced him to the public and mentioned that he is a big ol’ bundle of L-O-V-E! He’s had some professional training, and we’re told he would be a great working dog or pal to someone whose life is outdoorsy & active. He’s treat/toy motivated and quickly learned to heel pivot, centre, sit, stay, and wait. He’s also crate and leash trained. Buster is looking for an adventurous family who would rather go for a walk or run rather than sit on the couch watching TV. He was adopted in January of 2022 but, unfortunately, is now being relinquished back to HelpAWS because the adopter works long hours in a stretch, and Buster isn’t the kind of pup that can be happy spending his days in a crate. Buster needs exercise and stimulation to be healthy and happy like any pup. Although the current owners are still caring for him, we need to find him his forever home SOON, so he can get back to loving life!

“If someone is looking for a one-of-a-kind, bubbly, funny, ride-or-die adventure partner, please go to to conclude an adoption application for Buster. We are happy to arrange a meet & greet for candidates that have been approved. Beware, though; he will steal your heart! Because of his size and energy level, we will not consider households with young children,” it concluded with an appeal to adopt the little pups.