Saint Lucia: Meet Chrissy - sweet, little pup entered HelpAWS

Saint Lucia: Meet Chrissy – sweet, little pup entered HelpAWS

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Castries, Saint Lucia: The dog shelter HelpAWS introduced a little puppy Chrissy who entered the organisation on January 8, 2023. The social media post telling about the pup stated:

Chrissy is our Supermodel. She’s a beautiful, photogenic little girl with a vibrant personality to match! Some would even call her hilarious because she is always up to something, and with being so dang cute, she gets away with pretty much anything she wants. One of her little tricks is that she likes to hide her treats to save them for later. She will then run to retrieve the treat when someone enters the pen or if the other pups are distracted, but she acts so suspiciously while doing, so it always cracks us up!

She’s a confident pupper who is content to play on her own or hang out with her favourite brother, Beacon. She’s patient and will quietly wait for her turn to take a treat or receive some cuddles. Unlike some of the more boisterous pups at the shelter, Chrissy is soft-spoken and rarely barks. In fact, I’ve never actually heard her bark.

Like the majority of Potcakes, Chrissy finds great joy in digging a hole that she can then sit in or finding special rocks and sticks that she’ll carry around for hours. She’s super curious and smart, always discovering new things and exploring her surroundings. She’s going to be the best adventure buddy for a very lucky person or family!

Chrissy is ready to find her forever home. She and some of her shelter buddies will be arriving in Canada on January 10, and we need to get Chrissy adopted prior to then! If you think Chrissy might be the pup you’ve been waiting for, go to to complete an application. This little girl will be the light of your life, your BFF, and the best decision you’ll ever make!

With ever-changing regulations and ever-increasing flight costs, it is becoming outrageously expensive for us to send these precious babies to Canada via cargo flights. We are ALWAYS in need of flight parents, so if you or someone you know will be visiting Saint Lucia in the near future and would be willing to take one of our adopted babies back with you, please DM us or reach out to

If one would like to help offset the cost of getting these sweethearts off the island, donations can be sent to using e-transfer, PayPal, or Zelle or to @helpaws using Venmo.