Saint Lucia: Cas en Bas Beach resort to open in 2024, drawing visitors

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Saint Lucia: Cas en Bas Beach resort is all set to open in late 2024 in Saint Lucia. It is to be noted that this project was implemented successfully because of the collaboration between Hyatt Hotels Corporation and Wellington Estates. 

Cas en Bas Beach Resort will be considered a perfect destination which promises to offer all its visitors several amenities and dynamic culinary offerings. It is also a great opportunity for the island nation as the beautiful and attractive features of the resort will attract many tourists to the country. 

Picture Credits: Fb accounts
Picture Credits: FB accounts

Moreover, the amenities which will be provided to the visitors include, an Olympic-sized swimming pool, fitness centre, spa, retail market, sports pub, restaurant, cafe, rooftop bar and many more. It is a perfect blend of adventure and luxury, offering various exciting activities for the visitors of the resort. 

The Ministry of Tourism of Saint Lucia has also extended a welcome to the citizens and all the visitors of the island nation to explore its various offerings, nature and beauty of the resorts. 

David Kuperberg, head of development, Dream Hotels, Hyatt stated that “Cas en Bas Beach Resort will represent Saint Lucia’s spirit and culture and will offer all its visitors an authentic Caribbean lifestyle which will captivate the hearts and minds of all the travellers.”

Picture Credits: Fb accounts
Picture Credits: Fb accounts

Edward Wellington, CEO of Wellington Estates while shedding light on the hotels and resorts said that “Saint Lucia’s Cas en Bas Beach resort’s infrastructure designed gives the notion of modern architecture. This will be a plus point for the resort as the newness will attract a lot of guests”. 

Along with that, the tourism authority of the nation is hoping to witness the arrival of many visitors as it will enhance the economic conditions of the country which will further contribute to the growth and development of the country. 

Various residents of the community also took to their social media accounts and expressed their excitement about the opening of the resort. 

One person with a Facebook account commented the following “Looking forward to this and it will be really exciting to explore.”

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