Saint Lucia to welcome Cas en Bas Beach Resort (Picture Courtesy: Government of Saint Lucia)

Saint Lucia to welcome Cas en Bas Beach Resort in 2024

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Castries, Saint Lucia: Saint Lucia is all set to welcome the inauguration of Cas en Bas Beach Resort in the year 2024. The addition of this new accommodation will upscale the stay and experience in the mesmerizing Caribbean nation.

It is to be noted that this new Beach resort will be the first Hyatt-branded resort and residential venture in Saint Lucia. This announcement was made by Hyatt Hotels earlier this month. The hotel chains highlighted that this new project shows its ongoing commitment to expanding its luxurious presence in the hospitality segment.

According to the government, the hotel chains have assured that they have pipelined extensive development projects, encompassing the construction of 30 hotels and resorts in the Americas. The Hyatt Hotels have outlined that it has anticipated that the hotels and resorts will be operational by the year 2025.

The government of Saint Lucia has emphasized that the Caribbean nation has been regarded as one of the burgeoning markets for Hyatt. The prime reason behind this is Saint Lucia’s contribution towards the endeavours of the resort chain to augment its inventory of guest rooms.

As per the recent statement by the corporation, it has registered an aggressive growth trajectory over the span of the past five (5) years.

It also mentioned that the hotel chains have effectively doubled the count of luxury accommodations and tripled the offerings. “The lifestyle-oriented rooms have significantly expanded,” noted the official statement.

Hyatt Hotels has been regarded as the world’s fastest-growing luxury hospitality portfolio for offering luxury and lifestyle. This remarkable expansion has propelled Hyatt into the enviable position. Reportedly, the resort establishments now comprise over 40 per cent of the overall portfolio of the company. This reaffirms Hyatt’s stature as the preeminent hotel brand for discerning high-end travellers.