Saint Lucia: Bay Gardens Resort signs MOU with Monroe College to educate staff

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Castries, Saint Lucia: Bay Gardens Resort signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the New York-based educational institution with a local campus in Castries, Monroe College.

This collaboration is all set to transform the educational landscape for hospitality professionals, fostering growth, development and excellence in the industry. 

It is to be noted that the ceremony to sign the MOU was conducted on Friday, 19th January 2024, at the Dolphins Conference Centre at the Bay Gardens Beach Resort & Spa. 

The partnership between the hospitality group and an educational institution will launch an innovative scholarship program. This program will play pivotal role in offering the staff of Bay Gardens an opportunity to pursue a Bachelor of Science in Business Management and Hospitality Management.

Bay Gardens Resort, Saint Lucia. Picture Credits: Fb accounts
Bay Gardens Resort, Saint Lucia. Picture Credits: FB accounts

Notably, significant investments will be made by Bay Gardens Resort and Morone College in the education of participating Bay Gardens employees through this partnership. The institution will be offering scholarships that would cover at least half the tuition fee, with the resort covering the balance. 

Considerably, over the next four years, the resort will invest more than $100,000.00 EC to help their 20 employees earn their degrees.

Marc Jerome, the President of Monroe College and the other senior administrators from the institution were not able to come, so they addressed the event virtually. They shed light on the program’s commitment to leveraging technology for educational advancement.

“Monroe College has been helping the citizens of Saint Lucia since 2007 to achieve their academic dreams and improve their social mobility through education. Therefore, we are delighted to partner with Bay Gardens to do the same for their exceptional employees,” stated Marc Jerome. 

Monroe College to help staff members of Bay Gardens Resort achieve their academic dreams. Picture Credits: Fb accounts
Monroe College to help staff members of Bay Gardens Resort achieve their academic dreams. Picture Credits: FB accounts

Sanovnik Destang, CPA, CA, CFA Executive Director of Bay Gardens Resorts, also expressed his delight in the collaboration with Monroe College. He said that they are excited to embark on the new journey, marking an era of educational opportunities within the hospitality sector.

He also added that most of the resort’s employees have graduated from Monroe College and are now working in managerial positions. 

The first group of studies will begin in April 2024. Thus, the program is designed to provide the staff of Bay Golden Resorts with unparalleled educational opportunities.

The community residents took to their social media accounts and also extended their views on this partnership. One person with a Facebook handle, Jay Charles, commented, “Good news. I hope more hotels can do the same.”

Another person with a Facebook handle, Serenity Vacations, commented the following: “Inspiring, exemplary with a hint of nobility.”

“Congrats, Bay Garden. I hope other hospitality establishments follow suit,” commented Brenda George. 

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