Netball Championship conducted in Saint Lucia. Picture Credits: Fb account of Ministry of Youth, Development and Sports

Results of Netball Championship in Saint Lucia: Know here

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The Ministry of Youth Development and Sports conducted an under-19 Netball Championship on Thursday, November 2nd 2023 at the Vigie Multi-Purpose Sports Complex.

The match was played between Babonneau Secondary School and the Castries Comprehensive Secondary School. The match was won by Babonneau Secondary School by 16 goals.

From Babonneau Secondary School:

Goal Attack: Vincencia Edward netted 18 goals out of 25 attempts.

In the goal shoot, Darla Dupre scored seven goals from 11 attempts.

Goal Shoot: Phoebe Constatine netted 1 goal from 4 attempts.

From Castries Comprehensive Secondary School:

Goal Attack: Lana Hollingseed netted six goals out of 12 attempts.

In goal shoot, Luana Joseph scored four goals from 8 attempts.

Thus, Babonneau Secondary School defeated Castries Comprehensive Secondary School (CCSS) with a score of 26-10. 

In game number two:

Saint Lucia Sports Academy won by 19 goals, against St. Joseph’s Convent. 

From Saint Lucia Sports Academy:

Goal Shoot: Clediana De Rose netted 23 goals from 36 attempts.

In the goal attack, Makhaya Smith scored five goals from 11 attempts.

From St. Joseph’s Convent:

Cliff Ann Oculien scored five goals from 6 attempts.

Goal Shoot: Zuri Casimir netted 1 goal from 3 attempts.

Namibia Louisy scored three goals from 8 attempts.

Thus, Saint Lucia Sports Academy (SLSA) continued its winning streak and defeated St. Joseph’s Convent (SJC).

Saint Lucia Sports Academy, in their first game, defeated Babonneau Secondary School (BSS) 31-10.

Saint Lucia Sports Academy had three athletes from Windward Islands School on their team, namely:

– Naya Jules

– Lizzy Dorvius

– Clediana De Rose

From Saint Lucia Sports Academy:

Clediana De Rose scored 26 goals from 34 attempts.

Meikhaya Smith netted five goals from 9 attempts.

From Babonneau Secondary School:

Darla Dupres scored five goals from 10 attempts.

Vincencia Edward netted four attempts.

The set scores were 6-5 in the first set, 15-9 in the second and 25-10 in the third set, which made up a final score of 31-10.

Moreover, Castries Comprehensive Secondary School (CCSS) defeated Entrepot Secondary School (ESS) 11-9.

From Castries Comprehensive Secondary:

Lana Hollingseed scored eight goals from 19 attempts.

Allecka Gaspard netted three goals from 4 attempts.

From Entrepot Secondary School:

Shereese Jan scored five from 9 attempts.

Joanelle Thomas netted four goals from 9 attempts. 

Such tournaments and events give the players of the sport a chance to display their skills and abilities while also allowing the sport to increase its reach in the region. It is important for the sport and the players to have this exposure so that people learn to appreciate it and the next generation of players have the inspiration necessary to motivate them.