Prime Minister Ralph Gonsalves on the Samoa Agreement (Image Credits: Google Images)

Prime Minister Ralph Gonsalves set to visit West Africa

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St Vincent and the Grenadine’s PM Ralph Gonsalves has received an invitation from the Bell’s University of Technology in Nigeria. He is scheduled to address a gathering and deliver a special lecture at the university’s 15th convocation ceremony on the 3rd of November, 2023.

Prime Minister Gonsalves will travel to Ota, Ogun, Nigeria to speak on the “Technological Emancipation of Africa and the Caribbean Digital Space and Global Drive for Reparation.”

This is an important point of conversation, not just for Africa but for Caribbean nations as well, given their history and subsequent struggles with colonization and slavery.

Prime Minister Gonsalves began his journey on the 29th of October and will make a halt in the United Kingdom before travelling to Lagos on the 1st of November. He will then move on to Ghana on the 5th of November where he will have a sit down with the President.

St Vincent and the Grenadine’s High Commissioner to London, Cenio Lewis, Press Officer Shevrell McMillan and Inspector Irwin Adams, Security Officer, will be joining him.

The delegation will be making its return on the 8th of November.

This diplomatic mission is a step towards building a platform for African and Caribbean nations to have a united front against nations that have subjugated and pillaged them in the past.

It is also a good opportunity for both regions to seek reparations collectively, bringing more force behind the initiative. Beyond these social causes, this also allows the leaders of both regions to communicate on matters such as economic collaboration, trade and cultural exchange.

African nations have had a good relationship with their Caribbean counter parts and such initiatives are a great way to strengthen such relationships, so as to make sure that they can be maintained for the benefit of the citizens of both nations.