PM Ralph Gonsalves calls rigorous punishment for man who molested a toddler

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Kingstown, St Vincent and the Grenadines: Prime Minister Ralph Gonsalves speaking on the recent sexual assault case, cited that the court must have gone beyond the guidelines to sentence the sex offenders, giving them a more stricter punishment for the heinous act. Recently, a man was sentenced by the court for forcing a 4-year-old child to perform a sexual act on him.  

The accused also recorded the egregious sexual assault act in a video, pointing out which PM Gonsalves (who also holds the position of Legal Affairs Minister) questioned the ruling of the court, highlighting why the accused was not booked under the cybercrime act. The video went viral on the internet.  

The accused has been sentenced to imprisonment of 2 years, for every two charges, by the President of the Family Court, Colleen Mc Donald. The sentenced punishment will take place consecutively. An outrage was seen among the Government, people and the opposition, demanding more stern punishment for the sex assaulter.  

Speaking on Sunday, PM Gonsalves asserted, “I want to ask all the individuals who have been talking that it’s significant that we have the factual matrix. Of course, everybody is quite right to be revolted that the sentence is of only four years. If you’re sentencing for more than one offence, this guy had 2, albeit of the same, so should they have gone concurrently? Should they have gone consecutively?”.  

Following the statement, he added, “Why wasn’t the assaulter charged if you had permissible proof under the Cybercrime Act? Because I have been informed that this crime was on social media. As always, we must have a good discussion on what is at play, but I thought that I would introduce that discussion“. 

Government of St Vincent and the Grenadines is already reviewing the sexual laws of the country to check where they need to be amended, the prime minister further informed during his address on the radio. 



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