Premier Brantley advises about complacency against COVID-19 situations

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Premier of Nevis Mark Brantley advised the citizens of Nevis that they should not become unconcerned about the situation that is posed due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The situation could be changed at any time.

During a radio show on WINN FM. Premier Brantley and also being the senior minister of health in Nevis. He said about the decision of the NIA Cabinet in which they said that decided to keep the economy open for commerce and other works of the island during the half lockdown, businesses and government offices and the citizens were also restricted for many essential works.

Premier Brantley said that the situation has been evolving. COVID has a very fluid situation. they could only respond to the evidence that has been available to them and had made decisions as leaders on the advice that they had at that time. He thoughts they would have realized that yesterday they would have promulgated even further restrictions, and a limited state of Emergency has declared. They would have repealed and replaced the Statutory Rules and Orders SR&O that was discussed by the Hon. Attorney General Vincent Byron Jr. on Saturday.

From May 19, 2021, the day when the virus hit the federation, Nevis recorded its first positive case on June 15, 2021. at the same time, St Kitts has been experiencing 207 active cases. Recently on June 17 2021, the federation has reported its first death.

Premier Brantley reiterated his request for persons to claim the Oxford-AstraZeneca vaccine available for free of charge in the least health centres on the island. As of June 15, 4,948 persons on Nevis had received their first dose of the vaccine, and a couple of 660 had received their second dose. This accounts for 31 %of the island’s 8,594 target population.

He urged the citizens to get fully vaccinated as by achieving the herd immunity against the COVID-19 virus, both islands could avoid the lockdowns and curfews and again get to the same position where they can reopen the country and get their way of life back.


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