Claude Joseph gets extension as PM of Haiti for next 30 days

Claude Joseph gets extension as PM of Haiti for next 30 days
Claude Joseph gets extension as PM of Haiti for next 30 days

President of Haiti Jovenel Moise extended the tenure of Prime Minister of Haiti Claude Joseph as the head of the government for the next 30 days, and PM thanked the president for giving this extension.

PM Joseph while thanking the president and for keeping his trust in PM Joseph for leading the government. He said that while recognizing the enormity of the challenges of the moment, he has convinced that with the commitment of solidarity and the frank collaboration of all members of the Government, they have been continuously rising to the task.


Due to the increasing cases of the coronavirus in Haiti. The constitutional referendum in Haiti has been postponed and scheduled to June 27.

This time the referendum has been conducted in the country for 1st time after the referendum of 1987. The referendum was unilaterally proposed by the president. The opposition has been consistently maintained a call for boycotting the referendum.

It would have been the first referendum in the country since 1987. It was unilaterally proposed by the Moise administration even as the opposition maintained calls to boycott the event.

President Moise announced the name of Claude Joseph as the new Prime minister of Haiti as the former PM Joseph Jouthe declared that he has resigned from his authority and seat of Haiti’ PM. He was serving as the Prime Minister of Haiti from march 2020. While leaving from his seat, he gave the reason for rising killing and kidnapping in the country.

While accepting the extension of 30 days, PM Joseph said that the government had been again inviting. The friends of the opposition to seize the outstretched hand of the Head of State, to sit at the table of dialogue with a view to the conclusion of an agreement leading to the establishment of a Government of national understanding

One opposition leader, André Michel, said that the extension of Claude Joseph had been a waste of time, at a time when the State has been incapable of securing the country.