James Thomas new coach to Women’s football team arrived Trinidad and Tobago

James Thomas new coach to Women's football team arrived Trinidad and Tobago
James Thomas new coach to Women's football team arrived Trinidad and Tobago

James Thomas came to Trinidad and Tobago to take his job officially as he has been appointed as the coach of the National Women’s Team recently.

As Thomas has been quarantined under the COVID-19 guidelines of the country. During this period of quarantine discussed his plans regarding the Women’s Team Programme with the director of women’s football, Jinelle James under Trinidad Tobago Football Association, and Dion La Foucade, the technical director. He also met with the players of the national team and introduced himself, and also told his vision regarding the team programme to them.

The players that will make the provisional squad list will also undergo medical screening at the FA’s partner Healthnet Caribbean Limited in the week and can then undergo fitness assessments to supply Thomas with the required data on how he would proceed in mapping out the cycles of coaching schedules and more comprehensive calendar, taking into consideration that the players are inactive for a substantial length of your time.

After meeting with public health advice and relevant officials, the date will be shortly decided to start the official training of the player of the National team.

Thomas said that he had been delighted to be in Trinidad and Tobago final fine-tuning. There had been a few pauses due to the restrictions and covid.

Tomas stated that he had been currently reviewing and analysing players and really kind of fine tuning the game plan going forward. He has been really looking forward to getting out to the field and do training with the players and other staff and kickstarting the programme as soon as they could do that. That has been about getting them ready for the next World Cup qualifying campaign.

Thomas continued and said that following on from that, he would, over the next couple of weeks, had been speaking to some of the players again. He wanted to get their thoughts on areas where maybe they feel as a playing group they had been lacking as a nation previously. That also has for him to start putting information across from his perspective as to what his thoughts had been added. Hopefully, with his thoughts and theirs, they both might really hit the ground running as soon as they get on the field and ultimately try and win football matches for what they had been there.