PM Skerrit visits housing construction sites in Kalinago Territory

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Roseau, Dominica: Prime Minister Dr Roosevelt Skerrit, on Monday, visited housing construction sites in the communities of Sineku, Bataca and Concord.  

The government of Dominica is constructing the homes with additional funding from the European Development Fund (EDF). The construction of the housing unit started in November, and it includes 24 homes consisting of three and four-bedroom residences.

PM Skerrit during his visit to the housing construction site.

This housing project is a part of the Dominican governments’ continuing efforts to provide resilient homes to vulnerable families across the island. 

Under this project, fifty climate-resilient houses are planned for construction in the Kalinago Territory. 

The prime minister provided the information via Twitter.  

Earlier, in the month of June this year, the government handed over around ten climate-resilient houses to the resident of Cochrane village. 

Despite emitting a low rate of emissions and contribution towards climate change, the Caribbean nations are suffering extensive impacts as compared to the other developed and developing countries. 

Housing construction site.

The Dominican government has pledged to be the worlds’ first climate-resilient nation. 

Earlier, speaking on the significance of providing stable homes to residents, PM Skerrit cited, “Once you have a proper accommodation with access to the daily amenities, such as – water and light, your standard of living will automatically improve. As a part of human nature and in the animal kingdom, the preoccupation is to find a shelter”.

“It would cost money, but its’ also an investment which is believed to be worth it as human life is more valuable than anything else”, he further added. 

These climate-resilient houses are built to withstand environmental disasters. While the islands’ government is standing firm on its policies and plans to build a climate-resilient Dynamic Dominica. 

Besides this, the government has also initiated projects such as – renewable energy solutions, construction of smart schools and health centres, establishing regional disaster emergency centres, upgrading and expanding road network, restoration of waterways and ban on single-use plastics. 

PM Skerrit led administration is also working on its policies to develop a more resilient agricultural sector, Waste management and slope stabilization.