UK officials visits Dominica, reviews UKAID investments in climate change

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Roseau, Dominica: United Kingdoms’ Development Director for the Caribbean – Stefan Kossoff, along with the Climate Change Team Leader – Richard Carter, visited Dominica the previous week. 

The visit was paid in order to examine the investments of UKAID, which are aiding the island to battle the environmental issue of climate change; the UKinCaribbean provided the information via Tweet.  

During their visit, the UK delegates went to examine the newly-upgraded SMART Hospital in Grand Bay, followed by a visit to Good Hope to hear about vital UK-funded work through the Climate Resilience Execution Agency (CREAD). 

The UK officials also did a site inspection of the new geothermal plant, which is being funded by the United Kingdom administration and the World Bank. 

The recently appointed Minister for Planning, Economic Development and Renewable Energy – Dr Vince Henderson, the Minister for Education, Human Resource Planning, Vocational Training and National Excellence – Octavia Alfred, the CEO of CREAD – Francine Baron and DGDC Ltd Chairman – Fred John escorted the officials of the United Kingdom during their visits to various sites. 

The government of the United Kingdom is providing every possible aid they can to help the Caribbean island in its fight against climate change. 

Climate change impact on Dominica: 

Climate change is not only adversely impacting Dominica, but the whole Caribbean region, although these states are the ones who are contributing the lowest percentage in the climate change-related issues.  

This is one of the issues which is a hindrance to the development of Caribbean nations, seeing which the Dominican government has pledged to make it a climate-resilient nation. 

In the recent climate summit -COP26, several Caribbean leaders became the voice of the region, putting up facts on the table while calling on the world leaders, specifically developed and developing nations, to assist them in fighting the issue.  

Every year, hurricanes in the region destroy several lives, buildings, schools, livelihoods of the vulnerable ones. 

The Dominican government is standing on their firm policies and plans to tackle climate change.