PM Pierre attends UK Independence Anniversary Gala, lauds Saint Lucian diaspora. Picture Credits: Fb accounts

PM Pierre attends UK Independence Anniversary Gala, lauds Saint Lucian diaspora

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Castries, Saint Lucia: Prime Minister of Saint Lucia, Philip J. Pierre attended the UK Independence Anniversary Gala and recognized the invaluable role and contribution of diaspora in leading the nation towards sustainable national development. He called diaspora “an inspiration” for other fellow Saint Lucians who have been making efforts to promote island nation.

This gala is a celebration of Saint Lucia’s 45th Independence Anniversary which is being conducted under the theme “Douvan Ansanm – Building a nation through unity, resilience and creativity.” During the Gala, the leader outlines the significance of unity among Saint Lucians and expressed gratitude to the diaspora who have been making several measures for the prosperity of the country.

While shedding light on his visit, PM Pierre stated that he always welcomes the opportunity to travel overseas to meet his brother and sister who are struggling in a foreign land. He stated that he always feels gratitude on meeting them as they share a common and binding purpose which is to attain individual success and contribute to the development of Saint Lucia.

He further acknowledged the crucial role of diaspora in enhancing and contributing to the economic development of the country. He added that they have not only provided financial support but have been a major source of inspiration and motivation to all their relatives and friends back in their home. He emphasised on their workstyle and stated that they have done impressively well in their respective fields and have become ambassadors for Saint Lucia in their circles.

PM Pierre noted that the countless accomplishments of diaspora in sports, academics, business, art and other endeavours has played a huge role in elevating the international standing of Saint Lucia. Their continuous achievements and efforts towards their field has brought glory and honour to their families, friends and people living back in Saint Lucia.

Moreover, PM Pierre also shed light on the enduring struggle for independence and traced it back to the ancestral fight against slavery. He highlighted the ongoing efforts by the Saint Lucians to promote the security and sovereignty of the country.