PM Philip J Pierre initiates project to enhance public safety in Castries 

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The Prime Minister of Saint Lucia, Philip J Pierre, has taken action to enhance security levels in the national capital to improve the occupational conditions for police officers.

It is to be noted that the decision to demolish the custody suites on Bridge Street in Castries made it even more difficult for hardworking police officers to do their jobs in keeping the public safe and protecting the capital.

Notably, the construction of a new Custody Suites facility is ongoing. Upon completion, the new Custody Suites facility will reduce the pressure on police stations outside the capital.

The Government of Saint Lucia took to their official Facebook handle to share an update about the construction of a new detention facility.

Further, it will help improve operational logistics and foster security measures in the Federation.

PM Pierre has given assurances that the construction of a new detention facility to hold detainees safely and securely is scheduled for completion in 2024.

Moreover, on behalf of the Royal Saint Lucia Police Force, Commissioner of Police Crucita Descartes-Pelius expressed her gratitude to the Prime Minister for initiating the reconstruction of Custody Suites.

“Before the demolition of the previous detention facility, it was easier for apprehended persons to be held in order to be held in order to assist CID with investigations. The departments now face a challenge trying to find a cell to keep these offenders. Now, when someone is arrested, there is no place in the city, and we have to go through the length and breadth of the country to detail offenders. The reconstruction is a plus because it allows police officers to work more effectively; I am looking forward to the completion of the facility”, Commissioner Descartes added.

Additionally, just a few days ago, the government of Saint Lucia released a video that considers several policy decisions and actions taken by PM Pierre.

Notably, the people-first policy decisions effectively addressed the everyday realities that confront the average households of Saint Lucia.

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