PM Dickon Mitchell to attend Afreximbank Annual Meetings and AfriCaribbean Trade and Investment Forum

PM Dickon Mitchell to attend Afreximbank Annual Meetings, AfriCaribbean Trade and Investment Forum

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Grenada: Prime Minister Dickon Mitchell will attend the 31st Afreximbank Annual Meetings (AAM2024) and the 3rd AfriCaribbean Trade and Investment Forum (ACTIF2024), which is set to be held in Nassau, Bahamas. The Forum is scheduled to be conducted from June 12 to 15, 2024.
The African Export-Import Bank also known as Afreximbank, aims at promoting the diversification and development of African trade. The Forum also supports a wide range of clients who are part of the trade ecosystem.
The 3rd edition of the AfriCaribbean Trade and Investment Forum (ACTIF2024) will provide a platform to the leaders, aimed at navigating new avenues for the Caribbean through African and global investments from across the diaspora.
The forum is being held under the theme “Owning Our Destiny: Economic Prosperity on the Platform of Global Africa”, and several discussions during the event will highlight and focus on it.
This significant event is taking place for the first time in the Caribbean and will bring together several African and Caribbean leaders, government officials, corporate business leaders, and policymakers.
The Prime Minister Mitchell and his delegation, which includes Joseph Andall, Minister of Foreign Affairs, Trade & Export Development have left for the conference on, Tuesday 11th June for Nassau. The administration is expected to return on Thursday 13th June.
Andy Williams, Minister for Mobilisation, Implementation and Transformation will serve as Prime Minister in the absence of Dickon Mitchelle from the state.
Recently,the Government of Saint Lucia shared that the Prime Minister will be delivering the remarks on June 13,2024 at the presidential Plenary on the theme, “United We Stand, Divided We Fall: Building Alliances for Shared Prosperity.”

The theme highlights the dire need for unity and collaboration to create a resilient and prosperous economy amidst challenges faced by the world.