Our Farmers are instrumental to achieving 25 by 25 agenda: PM Drew

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St Kitts and Nevis: The Prime Minister, Terrance Drew visited Armstrong, a leading farmer in the the country. The purpose of the visit was to fulfill the agenda of 25 by 25. In simple words, this agenda directs towards the decrease of imports by 25% and the deadline for the same has been projected as 2025. 

“Our farmers are instrumental to achieving this goal. Let’s work to strengthen our collaboration even more,” the Prime Minister emphasized.

The agriculture ministry is actively contributing to this effort, even the crop farmer meetings have been scheduled for February 7 and 8 at the AGRI Large Conference Room. These meetings will focus on the selected 25 by 25 crop commodities.

On February 7, the focus will be on Sweet Pepper and Tomato, while Watermelon and Cantaloupe will be emphasized on February 8.

Not only this, the country is making significant efforts to meet the agenda. The government of St Kitts and Nevis in collaboration with the IICA (Inter-American Institute for Cooperation on Agriculture). And, got the imports of 9000 tissue-cultured banana and Pineapple plants from St Vincent and the Grenadines.

Separately if considered, 3000 were of banana plants and the rest 6000 were of pineapple plants. These seedlings from St Vincent and Grenadines will provide support towards contributing to a great extent to get on the 25 by 25 agenda.

These will contribute to the increase in crop production as highlighted in the Ministry’s plan to achieve CARICOM’s 25% by the projected deadline of 2025. Significantly, this all is being done for the purpose of food security. 

Probing ahead, the Prime Minister as well shared the glimpses of his visit to the framer. And, the citizens are also showing appreciation for his dedicated work towards the betterment of people and the development of the country.

Not only did they appreciate it, but one even shared a suggestion that can help in achieving the 25 by 25 agenda. “ A plan to reduce the monkey population will greatly help in achieving the 25 by 25 agenda,” mentioned one of the citizens as a suggestion.

The person also added ways to reduce the monkey population to his suggestion. He added that the monkey hunting season should be implemented and the monkey meat can be exported as dog food.

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