Nevis: Department of Youth congratulates Kerisha Powell for winning Youth Impact 12
Nevis: Department of Youth congratulates Kerisha Powell for winning Youth Impact 12 || Picture Courtesy: Department of Youth (Facebook)
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Basseterre, St Kitts and Nevis: Department of Youth of Nevis Island Administration has recently praised and wished congratulations to Awardee in the Category of Youth Development – Kerisha Powell. She has secured the top position at Youth Impact 12 in the category of Youth Development.

The department praised the winner and stated that “Continuous effort is the key to unlocking our potential,” this quote by world-renowned British statesman and Leader, Sir Winston Churchill, serves as a pertinent mantra to Kerisha Powell’s outlook on life.


The department further introduced Powell and mentioned that hailing from the ever-vibrant village of Brown Hill, Kerisha was raised in a large, close-knitted family, where she would discover her love for football through her three older brothers, who religiously practised the sport and became locally respected sportsmen in the field. This early exposure would eventually manifest into a lifetime career in athleticism, as Kerisha would proceed to excel in nearly every sporting discipline, such as football, track & field, cricket and volleyball.

Additionally, the youth department stated that small in stature yet, mighty in presence, Powell’s natural talent and leadership were recognised by her peers, earning her the position as the first female captain of both the football and cricket teams at the Ivor Walters Primary School. As captain, Kerisha instilled a strong sense of unity among her teammates, motivating them to have a positive spirit and astute work ethic. By these principles, Kerisha led the IWPS football team to victory at the 2005 Nevis Primary School Football Championship and was awarded Best Midfielder, Most Goals Scored and Most Valuable Player.

Having achieved such feats at such a young age, it is unsurprising that Kerisha would go on to play for many other teams, namely, the Bath United Football Club, Saint Kitts – Nevis National Under-17, Under 20 and Senior Women Teams. She also played for the GC Foster’s Women’s Football Team in Jamaica, where she was instrumental in numerous victories for the club. Currently, she is a member of the Queen City Football Club and serves as a member of staff for Saint Kitts and Nevis Under 20 National Football Team.

Accordingly, her talents would occasionally be transferred from the football field to the stage, as the Brown Hill native was a proud Masquerade performer. It was through this skill that Kerisha Powell would be allowed to travel across the Caribbean, promoting this beloved facet of Nevisian culture before a regional audience.

After attaining a Bachelor’s Degree in Education from The University of the West Indies, Jamaica, Mona, Kerisha would continue her unwavering passion at the Department of Sports, where she works as a Sports Officer and Physical Education Teacher. In her capacity as Sports Officer, she is also an active instructor in the Senior Citizens Exercise Programme, to which she is delighted to connect with elders and help improve their mental and physical well-being.

Over the years, many young girls have benefitted from the tutelage and coaching of Kerisha Powell, or “Kay” as they would call her, going on to be a part of various teams across the federation, like the Saint Kitts-Nevis National Football Team. However, this act of altruism is simply the beginning process of her much larger plans to further contribute to the island of Nevis.

For instance, in 2023, Kerisha pledged to launch the “Kerisha Powell Award” at her alma mater, the Ivor Walters Primary School. This award is intended for the most outstanding female student in academics and sports and is hoped to inspire recipients to continue a path of excellence.

Department of Youth – Nevis, also mentioned that other initiatives include a sports-based community summer programme, which targets the youth of Brown Hill Village, Prospect Estate and surrounding neighbourhoods in an effort to develop their football skills and become stronger competitors at championship games. Moreover, her ambitions are not confined to the sport of football, as Kerisha aspires to revitalise the Netball community in Nevis by introducing the activity to primary school-level students and building their interest in the sport.

“While we all may be gifted with a propensity to accomplish a desired objective or goal, it is through consistent effort and hard work that one may become truly fulfilled in their journey to attain this feat. That is why, as she continues to grow as a community leader and sports enthusiast, Kerisha “Kay” Powell is assured in her quest to evoke a spirit of optimism and diligence amongst this generation of Nevisians and those to come,” it added.