Intl Music Camp is life-changing experience, says past attendee; shares St Kitts Department of Youth Empowerment

Intl Music Camp is life-changing experience, says past attendee; shares St Kitts Department of Youth Empowerment

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Basseterre, St Kitts and Nevis: St Kitts Department of Youth Empowerment shared the ‘life-changing’ experience of Chenelle Browne-Miller at the International Music Camp’s School of Fine Arts, Cultural Exchange, back in the year 2005.

According to the post by the department of St Kitts, Browne-Miller, who was a 16-year-old Trumpeter at the time, said that it was the first time she had been exposed to that level of musical artistry.

“I was exposed to instruments I had never seen or heard about before and was also exposed to different genres of music; it was truly a life-changing experience,” she said, quoted the department.

In addition to this, the youth empowerment department of St Kitts also mentioned that the experience gave her a sense of understanding about her musical level and where she needed to be as a Musician, although at first, she felt a bit intimidated by the talents around her. She further outlined, “I had to tell myself that I was selected to represent my country and that it meant that I too was also talented.”

Accordingly, arriving at the camp, she also had to go through auditions where she was placed in a group depending on her skill level and was placed with a group of trumpeters. They would practice twice per day and then come together for a symphony practice with everyone.

“I was there for two weeks, and at the end of every week, we would perform in a concert, showcasing our newly learnt skills,” she added.

It also asserted that making friends was also a part of the experience for Browne-Miller, who said that she is still friends with some of the persons today and that one of the individuals is a headliner for orchestras and symphonies in Singapore as a Trumpet player. Browne-Miller said that she would definitely encourage others to attend. “I would definitely encourage anyone to attend this camp, especially if you want to take your musical abilities to the next level,” she conveyed.

“One of the things that stood out for me,” she continued. “Not only was I trained in playing the notes, but they also focused on ensuring that our embrasure (positioning of my mouthpiece) was done properly. That I also had to have the proper posture even before I started playing, which definitely improved my skills,” as per the update.

While concluding, Browne-Miller extended best wishes to the young persons from St Kitts and Nevis who signed up for the auditions and said that she wished there was an opportunity for all of them to attend as she believes that young people should be invested. “My advice to the hopeful attendees is that they go with an open mind, make friends and learn as much as they can. Your selection for the camp means that you are already talented,” she said.