Mrs. Cynthia Agnes Joseph bestowed with Dominica Award of Honour. Picture Credits: Google Images

Mrs. Cynthia Agnes Joseph felicitated with the Dominica Award of Honour

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Mrs. Cynthia Agnes Joseph was bestowed with the Dominica Award of Honour by the President of the Commonwealth of Dominica, Sylvanie Burton, on Friday, 3rd November 2023.

Through her zeal, enthusiasm and innumerable passion for the field of sports, she has rendered admirable and praiseworthy services for the development of sports and physical education in Dominica.

Mrs. Joseph has assisted in the advancement of the sports sector and helped to develop the people of Dominica’s interest in sports.

She has contributed many years of her life in teaching Physical Education and promoting a fit and healthy lifestyle in Dominica. In the process, she became the head of the Sports Department at the Portsmouth Secondary School till she retired in 2020.

Notably, she also led her school to many inter-school netball championships.

She has also provided her services as the national coach in netball, table tennis and volleyball for almost 20 years. She has also organized the Northern Netball Academy.

It is noted that she was also awarded as the Coach of the Year at the National Sports Awards for her tireless efforts throughout many years.

Joseph has always contributed in sharing the knowledge and experience she possesses with other people for the development of sports in Dominica and also assisted primary and secondary schools during their netball season.

Twenty-four people in total were honoured with the award on Dominica’s Independence Day for their Meritorious Service

The awardees who received the awards are namely:

–         Mr. Karl Nassief, the Businessman

–         Mr. Daryl Williams

–         Mr. Edrick Robinson

–         Mr. Patrick Pemberton, the Child Welfare Advocate

– Mr Martin Anthony received the Sisserou Award of Honour, Dominica’s second-highest award

–         Mrs. Cynthia Agnes Joseph, Sports

–         Mr. Fabierre Adler Hamlet, the Electrical Power Engineering

–         Mr. Yoland Jno-Jules for Public Service

–         Ms. Gloria Septra Augustus for Social Services

–         Dr. Orrin Jolly for Business

–         Mr. Samuel Carrette, the Community Development

–         Mr. Asa Edwards (Music)

–         Mr. Allan Paul (Economics)

–         Ms. Lisa White (Culture)

–         Mr. Kendell Johnson (Public Service Engineering)

–         Mr. Fabierre Adler Hamlet (Electrical Power Engineering)

–         Mr. Daniel Langlois (Business)

–         Mr. Maximin Victorine (Construction)

–         Mr. Renneth Alexis (Business)

–         Mr. Sun Hoajie (Chinese Agricultural Mission)

–         Mr. Sobers Esprit (Culture)

–         Mr. Clement Royer (Business)

–         Mr. Ashton Shillingford (Media)

–         Ms. Marian George (Tourism)

–         Mr. Cecil Joseph (Agriculture)

The awards were given at the Windsor Park Sports Stadium for their outstanding and excellent services in their respective departments.