Montserrat: Mural at Salem Centre completes, announces MVO

Montserrat: Mural at Salem Centre completes, announces MVO

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Brades, Montserrat: The Montserrat Volcano Observatory (MVO) is delighted to announce the completion of the mural in Salem Centre. It focuses on the tradition and heritage of the city and informs the public about the history and importance of the place.

The MVO took the social media and shared the details about the mural along with some glimpses of the beautiful art. While introducing it noted, “Hi, Salem City! The mural in Salem Centre is now complete!”

Furthermore, it mentioned that the mural pays tribute to the village of Salem and the traditions and institutions that shaped and continue to make the people and village great! From the delicious bread of Walkinshaw to the many talented musicians and artists to the beloved Salem Primary School!

As per the update on social media, during a time of uncertainty, the people of Salem used various forms of art to tell stories and express the emotions of the Salem and Montserrat community. A tradition that still exists, with Montserrat having many talented local artists, as has been highlighted by the Curating Crises Project.

Montserrat Volcano Observatory also informed that while the ’95 volcanic crises impacted Salem and changed the village in many ways, its original essence remains and is celebrated through the capsulation of its history and culture on the wall of the Walkinshaw Building.

It added that it is one of several murals commissioned across Montserrat by the MVO as part of the Curating Crises Project geared at increasing volcanic risk awareness and promoting Montserrat’s rich history, culture and environment.

In conclusion, the observatory asserted that the design was developed in collaboration with the Salem Community Development Group by the creative team of The Goodness Tour, and they were ably assisted by several local artists during the painting of this masterpiece.