Montserrat: MVO shares glimpse of mural showing fusion of science, art

Montserrat: MVO shares glimpse of mural showing fusion of science, art

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Brades, Montserrat: The Montserrat Volcano Observatory (MVO) shared a glimpse of the fusion of science and art at the Davy Hill main road. It shared some glimpses of the wall art showing a mermaid, embodying a message of resilience.

MVO took it to social media and praised the artist for mesmerising and inspiring art. It noted, “A synthesis of science and art! The Davy Hill main road has become much more vibrant with the completion of yet another inspiring mural.”

The Volcano Observatory of the nation further claimed that embodying a message of resilience, the mural features a re-imagined “Mermaid of Chances Peak” and a tribute to the housing schemes such as Look Out and Davy Hill, which was developed to house families displaced due to volcanic activity in the ’90s.

MOV also emphasised that the art enclosed in the mermaid’s hand is a treasure chest of “Emerald possibilities” for the present and future generations. A captivating ode to the advancement of technology and its impact on the sharing of information and keeping us all connected during the Crises, as depicted by the mechanical arm and tail. In the background, the Soufrière Hills Volcano peaks out behind the tail of the mermaid.

Furthermore, the update mentioned other murals which will be commissioned across the country. “It is one of several murals being commissioned across the country by the Montserrat Volcano Observatory as part of the Curating Crises Project geared at surging volcanic risk awareness and promoting Montserrat’s rich history, culture and environment,” it stated.

While informing about the locations and other details, it stated, “The mural is located at Victor’s Supermarket and was sponsored by Victor’s Montserrat.”

“The design was developed through community engagement by the creative team of The Goodness Tour, as well as they were ably assisted by several local artists during the painting of this masterpiece,” it added.