MMCE, Range Developments continue to build extensive infrastructures in Caribbean

MMCE, Range Developments continue to build extensive infrastructures in Caribbean
MMCE, Range Developments continue to build extensive infrastructures in Caribbean

Two major construction companies are making a difference in the Caribbean countries, and these companies are building the dream projects capable of fighting natural catastrophes.

Several extraordinary works and architectural designs in the Caribbean region have been made by the Montreal Management Consultants Est and Range Developments. These two companies have been the highlighted builders and developers in the Eastern Caribbean countries.


The construction companies have been outstanding in the field of building and development, and they withstand their commitments till the completion of the project.

Range Developments started in 2011, and it has been the only Caribbean developer that completed its two 5-star luxurious resorts construction.

In St Kitts, the range developments constructed two major projects; their flagship project is the ultra-luxurious 5-star resort, Park Hyatt. Range Developments also constructed the exceptional Cabrits Resort & Spa Kempinski in 2019, which is ranked as the best hideaway resort in the Caribbean region.

SixSenses La Sagesse has been noted as the ongoing project of Range Developments on the island of Grenada. It has been suspected to complete by 2022. With this, the Range Developments would finish their 3rd massive project in the region.

The Montreal Management Consultants Est. is the United Arab Emirates-based company that had been supporting the climate-resilient goal of the Commonwealth of Dominica.

MMCE has delivered more than 1500 climate-resilient houses in Dominica. Various units have been constructed in several areas that include, Stockfarm Housing which consists of Four buildings, three buildings of 8 units each and one building of 6 units totalling 30 units, Grand Bay Housing, Jimmit Housing which consists of one building with 30 residences three-bedroom units and twenty-six 2-bedroom units in Roseau 1 Upper River Bank this project includes twenty-four homes.


A world-class medical infrastructure, the Marigot Hospital is also being constructed by MMCE. The 40,000 square feet two-floor hospital will have a 75-bed capacity, Trauma Centre, Emergency Care, Ambulatory Services, Laboratory and Radiology Services, Intensive Care (ICU) Maternity and Pediatric Care.

Besides this, 12 Health Centers across Dominica are also under construction by the Montreal Management Consultants Est in Vieille Case, Colihaut, Mahaut, Wesley, Bellevue Chopin, Newtown, Marigot, Penville, Georgetown, Ansé De Mai, Bagatelle and Soufriere

After delivering many construction sites across Dominica, MMCE is now working towards building the biggest and most anticipated site in the country, the International Airport project. It is estimated to be more than $900 million projects and expected to complete by 2024. This project plays a very significant role in the history of the Commonwealth of Dominica. Despite all these achievements, the MMCE has constructed many projects in the Caribbean region, like constructing many community centres, hurricane centres and other establishments.

MMCE have shown their excellent construction skills while constructing climate-resilient homes. MMCE has also been focusing on building a National Indoor Sports Complex that would encourage sports activity in the youngsters of the country. At the same time, that would become a venue for the matches, whether they would be national or international.

Montreal Management Consultants Est. and Range Developments have shown a quality of commitment while signing different contracts in the Caribbean region.