International Airport project is providing employment to Dominicans: PM Skerrit

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On Sunday 28th June, during the Annou Pale in meet the press series Prime Minister of Dominica Roosevelt Skerrit answered the questions of Tim Durand owner of Dominica News Online, Gavin Richards sports editor at DBS radio and Kimani St Jean from Kairi FM.

Kimani St Jean asked a question to PM Skerrit regarding the solutions for the problem of the persons in Wesley due to the building of the airport. The issue of employment of the people of Wesley was also included.


PM Skerrit, while giving the answer, said that the International Airport project is providing employment to locals and even after completion it will provide many oppertunities.

PM said, many have been displaced due the construction of the International Airport, but the government constructed additional houses for people who have been affected by the construction of the airport. The construction of the 32 houses includes facilities of infrastructure, water, electricity and roads.

PM noted that all these homes are being constructed by local contractors of Dominica. PM said the material that is being used during the construction has also been purchased by the local dealers, such as concrete had been constructed by the local’s dealers, and the cements have also been purchased by the local dealers.

PM Skerrit also highlighted the issue of the truckers last week in Wesley to which he said was a misunderstanding in communication. It was the result of the misunderstanding between the truckers and the service providers, which has been solved at the present time.

According to the PM Skerrit’s statement, as part of the construction, 400 acres of land have been cleared partially for only a short term so that geotechnical studies have proceeded. All Dominicans would be engaged in the construction process. Those would be having the suitable equipment of constructions.


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