Melissa Skerrit congratulates Adicia Burton for becoming Miss Dominica 2023
Melissa Skerrit congratulates Adicia Burton for becoming Miss Dominica 2023 || Picture Courtesy: Melissa Skerrit Facebook

Roseau, Dominica: Parliamentary Representative of the Roseau Central Constituency – Melissa Poponne-Skerrit, has shared her heartiest congratulations to the winning contestant of Miss Dominica 2023, Adicia Burton. While praising the candidate, she highlighted that Burton’s on-stage performance was outstanding because of her beauty, elegance, and poise.

The social media post by the Parliamentary Representative read, “Adicia, you did it again! A resounding round of applause goes to the winner, our 2023 Miss Dominica, representing the Kalinago Territory and Roseau Central’s Miss Kalinago Queen Adicia Burton. Her beauty, elegance, poise and intelligence were undeniable on the stage.”

Melissa Skerrit further congratulated and praised all the candidates for their performances. “All the contestants did a fantastic job, but in the end, only one could wear the crown. Adicia, you deserve this indisputable win! Congratulations to you and the chaperone team @Letitia Butler,” the post by Roseau Central Constituency’s Representative read.

Melissa Skerrit also took to social media to clarify the rumours that Burton won because she was supporting the Kalinago Queen. The post by her read, “One should understand that I wear multiple hats within the political arena. Yes, I am the Prime Minister’s wife; however, I am also the Parliamentary Representative for the Roseau Central Constituency. Every Carnival, the respective Parliamentary Representatives rally behind their own, and this year was surely no exception.”

She further asserted, “Since Roseau Central did not have a representative in this year’s pageant, I chose to pledge my support, as well as rally the support of fellow constituents for Adicia Burton. Adicia Burton is the reigning Miss Kalinago Roseau Central Queen. Similarly, I stood with the former Miss Dominica, Savahnn James from Roseau Central, during her pursuit of this prestigious title. As the Roseau Central Parliamentary Representative, I make no apologies for my stance, and we will continue to support our own while bearing no ill will to any of the other beautiful and talented young ladies.”